Creating Interactive Timelines


Timeline JS is a tool to create interactive timelines that you can embed in your website. The developers offer a nice example of Women in Computing to show what a timeline might look like. A short tutorial gives you an idea of how to get your timeline started. It works like a slide show that includes pictures, videos and other media items.

This biographical timeline showing Nelson Mandela’s life was created by TIME staff. View Mandela’s timeline here.

TimelineJS Nelson Mandela Biography

Create a timeline for your story with knight lab.


Image Comparisons


With Juxtapose JS you can create before and after pictures or historical now and then images. For instance, take two air photographs from Google Earth Pro representing different periods to show the growth of a city, decline of water reserves, or whatever you are interested in.

The image below is a preview but you can find the interactive version here. Simply move the slide bar and see how Capitol Hill has changed between 1949 and 2018.

JuxtaposeJS Preview

Create your image or map comparison with Juxtapose.