AI-Based Tools for the Creative Industries

Generating Style Imagery


There are a few really nice AI-based tools which you might want to check out just for fun.

With Deep Dream Generator you can pretty up photos and other images. Create a free account, upload an image, choose your favorite style or upload another image for combination, combine various images and generate a style image like the ones below.

<images coming soon>


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Generating Music


Let AIVA compose your favorite track to accompany your presentation with music. Just tell her which style of music you like (e.g., Jazz, Tango, Pop), choose the pacing, instrumentation and duration, and create your own track for free. Some music types and download options are limited, but generally you can download wav, mp3, and midi files as well as the chords for the piece AIVA created.


Listen to two creations generated with AIVA:

Tango, E Minor, Small Tango Band:


20th Century Cinematic, Db Major, Piano Solo: