Evelyn Huber, M.A.






I’m a (digital) historian interested in American History, Indigenous Studies, Marketing History, and Social Resistance. To me, history is one of the most fascinating fields of study because it is open to any topic, be it political, medical, entrepreneurial or technological history. Historians have to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge to accurately capture the complexities of historic subjects in their variety of dimensions.

Since data analysis is typically not part of historic study programs, I took classes in data visualization and statistics at faculties that traditionally work with quantitative methods. Learning how to create your own database with FileMaker, or how to write your own codes with R is actually not too hard but getting started can be challenging. For that reason, I want to share my own experiences and provide a small guide for historians with helpful tips and links.

If you are interested in my academic career or work experience, please take a look at my Xing or Linkedin profiles.


PhD Project


Since February 2015, I’m working on my PhD project “Fighting Generikee: Resistance Against Native American Marketing Representations, 1930-2015” at the University of Mannheim. The project will be completed by the end of 2020.

Read more about the project Fighting Generikee here